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Oceanic Tennis Club

The Oceanic was born out of a simple idea: bringing high quality, accessible and affordable sport facilities to the entire community. Our unique approach to learning and our top quality facilities makes “The Oceanic” one of the best in Phuket. We invite you to explore our engaging and diverse fitness and tennis schedules. Moreover, in order to perform well, you need to move well first. We provide latest training systems and methodologies that will deliver results while ensuring client’s safety “Be healthy with happiness”


In Oceanic, we offer a varied range of packages from juniors to adults and from beginner to advance player. Our Oceanic team are committed to providing quality and effective tennis coaching to all our clients and always listen to clients needs and values. Without a doubt, with our Oceanic Team, you’ll get the confidence and knowledge you need to take your game to the next level through our group sessions, individualized coaching and even our social sessions.

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Tennis programs for Adults

The Oceanic Tennis Program offers many different Adult Programs for those who would like to improve their tennis game or just looking for a place to social. The Adult Programs provide variety choices including classes and cardio tennis, as well as both private and semi-private lessons and team coaching. The program will focus on Physical, Technical, Tactical and Mental pillars of the game in a group, learning new skills and progression improvement.

Introduction level (Beginner level)

We offer this session for beginner who will given an introduction to the basic skills of the game. If you have never played before or you want to brush up on your strokes and game come join us in this class.

Development level (Intermediate to advance level)

These development sessions aim at helping players reach higher levels of play through consistent play and emphasis on the fundamentals of tennis. Most of the play and drills will be based upon “player– player” drills and not as much of “fed ball” drills. Tactical play will also be emphasis in this sessions

Private lessons 1 to 1

Players that would like to improve their
game faster can also book a private lesson with the desired coach. The coach will spend the portion of time to improve on specific skills of the players. The player will get the full attention from the coach and also the coach will brief a plan on what the players needs to improve in order to take their game to another level. Adults that would like to improve on their game are more than welcome as well.

Tennis programs for Juniors

In Oceanic, our coaches uses progressive Tennis such as modified courts, racquets and balls scaled to maximise learning for different levels and/or age groups. Just like many other sports, scaling the game down to the size of the child speeds up the learning process and makes the game more fun. Moreover, we believe tennis has the ability to support juniors to lead healthy and active lifestyles and also develop the employability skills they need to achieve their future aspirations. In Oceanic, as young as 3 years, can join our junior tennis programs.

Mini Tennis (Red Ball)

Mini tennis is generally for children age 4 – 6 years
old. It is similar to the real game and children will get the opportunities to have long rallies like the real game and play different type of shots. The size of the court will be the same like the tots tennis meanwhile rackets can be slightly bigger depending on the physical abilities of the children.

Mini Tennis (Orange Ball)

Mini tennis orange is generally for children
aged 6 to 8 years old. It gives players the chance to develop a well rounded game and children will learn the basic tactic of the game. The courts are slightly smaller than the full sized court and bigger rackets will be used

Junior Development Program

The junior development program is the program for beginners to intermediate players. The session will be tailored according to their level of play. Regardless what your level are, we are happy to help improve and develop your game to another level.

High Performance

This program is for young juniors that shows the desire
and potential to be a competitive player. The sessions will consist of specific drills and working on different type of tactics. We will also help the young juniors to understand better on how to employ the tactics and strategies. Mental part of the game will be teach as well as we feel that it is the most important part of the game to polish.


At the heart of everything that we do is our passion for education, tennis, fitness and our commitment to our students and clients. Thanks to our varied course selection, unique teaching style, adaptability and emphasising the us of proper techniques.

In Oceanic we are here to guide you, motivate you and give you the workout you deserve. The skilled and dynamic team members are here to help you to achieve your goals. We ensure one thing we all have in common is our passion. So, are you ready to reach your potential?

Coach Wee

Ex-Thai National Player
Language Proficiency: Thai & Eng
Program Director Troops Tennis Academy

With years of experience in competition as part of the national team and in-charge of Thailand National Team. Throughout his career, Coach Wee has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience on court. Coach Wee knows what it takes to become a competitive player.

Coach Ohm

Language Proficiency: Thai & Eng
Qualified Head Coach

Coach Ohm always offer insightful tips in correcting the technique that will help you play more comfortably with your specific style that will make tennis seem easier. He knows what it takes to become a competitive player, with his quiet and relaxed mannerism, he often conveys the important information in fun and friendly way that can help you improve your game at any level.

Coach Edward

Language Proficiency: Eng & Mandarin
Qualified Senior Coach

Coach Edward is an all-round Tennis Coach & Fitness expert with emphasis placed on Tennis & Strength and Conditioning. Using combination of both tennis and strength and conditioning, Edward can create personalized coaching or workout plans that suit all level, abilities that is sport specific to improve their tennis game.

Coach Best

Language Proficiency: Thai & Eng
Qualified Assistant Coach

Coach Best focuses primarily on technique and fundamental; this allows him to lay solid foundation for each of his student’s individual needs. Moreover, he can conduct sport specific movement on court that can help players to improve their game, footwork and improve overall fitness. Best knows what it takes to become a great player and he will always strive to make all his sessions fun and informative.

Coach Bom

Language Proficiency: Thai & Eng
Qualified Assistant Coach

Coach Bom teaches tennis in a fun and easy-to-understand manner. As well as helping othersto understand better the sport. He knows that for sports to become an integral part of your life, it must be enjoyable. He enjoys helping you to understand the why, allowing you to feel more comfortable and easy to understand in your training session.

Coach Vanich

Language Proficiency: Thai & Eng
Qualified Assistant Coach

Coach Vanich has been in tennis industries for a very long time. He is well-coordinated, energetic and with his good combination of hitting, he can give anyone a great workout on court. Moreover, his lessons are fun and with his cheerful character, knowledge and experience. He can help you reach your goals in no time.